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This Gravity Bong is a HEAVY Hitter. All you weed smokers get ready for a real hit of cannabis. I don't care if you have smoked ganja out of 4ft glass bongs. I don't care if you have smoked the finest Medical Marijuana out of a cheep bong this is a whole new ball game. One more thing...You know its all Legal bud being smoked in this hut. They call me the McGyver of Pot so set your bubbler pipe down exhale that bong smoke and learn how to make a homemade Gravity Bong. I think we were smoking a nice Indica strain called Romulan. Did you hear me sit your glass bong, weed pipe, Volcano vaporizer, water bong and all those THC Pot devices down, and prepare to be blown away by this awesome Gravity Bong. Get ready for the McGyver of pot, #1 homemade pipe Artisan, to smoke legal bud out of everyday household items.


Disclaimer: This is what I do and am not recommending anyone to go and smoke. You must be 18 + to watch my videos. I smoke in California legally under prop. 215 and senate bill 420. My doctor is certified in the state of California and I am a referred patient under his care and supervision for a specific treatment."