Strain Review : ACDC : Flower : SunMed Growers

Name: ACDC

Type: Flower

Where: Positive Energy

Who: SunMed Growers

Song it reminds me of: Buckethead - For Mom

Appearance: Large dense buds of fairly moist leaves. Invisible sticky trichomes, very dark but bright green.

Taste: Like huffing a diesel exhaust pipe.... ok not that bad but it’s a bit harsh, but an acquired taste to be sure.

Onset: Immediately goes to work on anxiety, and does it’s best to control convulsions, and tremors. No alteration in the senses maybe a slit euphoric feeling that lasts about twenty minutes or so. Minimal attention to pain, more helpful in larger doses.

Apparatus : Linx Gaia @ 392F

Effects: Anxiety Relief, Body Relaxation,Stress Relief

Anxiety Level: Zero

Symptoms Treated: Anxiety, Inflammation,

Rating: *****

Comments: As someone who suffered from PTSD this plant is beyond wonderful. It treats all of my ailments and is a welcome ritual each morning with my favorite tea. The best word I can use to describe what it does for me is, soothing. No distortion at all just a overall good feeling mental relief almost instantly. In the midst of a really bad panic attack I used this and within moments I had regained my mental faculties, and while it can’t stop my bodies reaction to the sudden cortisol rush, it does it’s best to help with the tremors and convulsions, until they have subsided. I am unable to state in words just how beneficial this plant is to me. I am off all pharmaceuticals I’ve taken for the past eight years to treat my anxiety, because of this plant. More so I also feel more like myself than I have in over a decade.