Strain Review : ACDC : Distillate : Willie's Reserve

Name: AC/DC 1:1

Type: Cartridge

Where: Positive Energy

Who: Willie's Reserve

Song it reminds me of: Bachman Turner Overdrive - Taking Care Of Business

Appearance: Well made cartridge with a clear-ish oil inside.

Taste: Flavor does not go one way or another, it’s not harsh or tough to get down, as at the same time I doubt I would want any kool aid flavored this way. It’s a vape taste without a heavy scent.

Onset: Immediate pain relief and anxiety reduction, you can almost feel the cannabinoids redecorating your being.

Apparatus : Linx Hermes 2

Effects: Anxiety Relief, Pain Relief, Body Relaxation, Stress Relief

Anxiety Level: Zero

Symptoms Treated: Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation, PTSD

Rating: *****

Comments: Love this daytime strain, as I have always been fond of the flower this cartridge delivers the same wonderful effects I have come to rely on for my PTSD. Not sure if it will crystallize due to the high cbd content but we will see. Overall it does what it’s supposed to and is a fine 1:1 with a sturdy well made cartridge.