#PvperGvng Fry Day

Getting ready for the day! Or shall I say thee daze?

About The Pvpergvng Channel

Snoe With The E is an Emcee from The Mecca of Hip Hop; The Boogie Down Bronx, New York City, U.S.A. He rhymes with a chip on one shoulder and a stereo on the other. Pioneer of the worldwide brand #PvperGvng and proud father of 3, Michael "Snoe with the E" Andrew is on a mission to unite the world through the use of spoken word. Regardless what form of technology is used to convey the message intended to further the cause! Along the way up the path, The #pvpergvng Band creates an avalanche out of which was once a mere snow ball rolling slowly towards the massess. The process of fulfilling said obligation is documented and continues right here! Streaming now on major platforms across the universe, it's Snoe With The E! Tune in or you're toonin! "One hand washes the other. Both count the #PvperGvng" Devin Lives. starttrends@outlook.com


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