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Promotional Video for IVeinte Terp Vodka

About The IVeinte Spirits Channel

IVeinte (eye ven tay) is a new take on Vodka that not only will replace your current favorite brand, it will elevate your entire drinking experience. IVeinte is 100% Federally legal & does NOT contain THC or other cannabinoids although we are STRONG ALLIES of cannabis culture. From our name to our logo & even the taste, smell & design of our patented IVeinte Terp vodka bottle, every detail has been painstakingly hand crafted to provide one of the most unique beverage experiences you’ll ever have. The carefully selected & specifically curated proprietary blend of botanical terpenes will take you on a journey reminiscent of lighting a joint of your favorite strain IVeinte Terpenes will: • Enhance Flavor • Improve Smoothness • Provide a Nostalgic Experience IVeinte is “The spirit of 420".


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